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3A/B, ASG/FSG 10, AF 14
FE / F4 / HA
FELDER® Serie 500 | Hammer® Serie 3

FLEX BACK Bandsaw blades

FLEX BACK Bandsaw blades

Suitable for Hammer® Bandsaws

Item # 13.7.4306xx

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HAMMER® Quality and precision from AUSTRIA
FLEX BACK Bandsaw blades
FLEX-BACK saws are manufactured in a special process that takes place in our high-performance hardening system. The tooth tip hardness gives a long product life even with hard materials; the flexibility and special tooth shape counteract bending fatigue and the associated risk of breaking.
FLEX-BACK-Sägen werden für alle Hölzer und Harthölzer eingesetzt.
Length: 3340 – 3980 mm
Width: 6 – 25 mm
Suitable for:
HAMMER® Bandsaws

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