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Hammer® K3 winner 31x48"

Hammer® K3 winner 31x48"

Panel saw, Sliding table 31" (800 mm).

Item # WWS-H0037

Weight: 713.9 lbs

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Machine demonstration with "Harry", Ing Harald Tschurtschenthaler.
The precision circular saw for the discerning woodworker
Precise cross, mitre and formatting cuts with the smooth running sliding table, exact parallel cuts. These are the criteria by which we are measured.
The K3 winner offers you more than you would find in other machines of the same class - in particular the precision saw aggregate, the crosscut fence with a scale and lens that is tilted towards the user for exact settings and the fine adjustable rip fence running on a round bar guide.
Discerning woodworkers - the K3 winner is the right machine for you.
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Hammer® K3 Setup Part 1
Hammer® K3 Setup Part 2
Hammer® K3 Setup Part 3
Technical specifications Hammer® K3 winner

 Motor power 4.0 HP (3.0 kW) S6/40% S
 1x 230 V motor voltage, single phase S
 60 Hz motor frequency S
 Saw Unit
 Main saw-blade, diameter 250-315 mm (10"-12")
 Saw-blade tilting from 90°–45° S
 Max. cutting height

103 mm (4")
 Scoring unit, Motor 1.0 HP (0.75 kW) O
 Rip capacity
0-800 mm (0-31")
 Dado capability for tooling up to ¾“ (19.5 mm) width S
 Professional rip-fence with round guide bar S
 Format sliding table, Crosscut fence
 Anodized Sliding Table 800 mm (31")
 Cutting length* 865 mm (34")
 Crosscut fence 900 mm (35")
 working height 850 mm (33½")
 Extraction outlet diameter 120 mm
 Weight, lbs., net 280 kg (617 lbs)
 S = Standard Equipment,  O = optional, Accessories and extra equipment
 * Max. cutting length with outrigger and scoring unit at a cutting height of 1 ¼“
Hammer® Panel saw K3 winner
Inside the A3 series, presented by "Harry", Ing. Harald Tschurtschenthaler.
The precision Table Saw for the discerning woodworker
Exact rip cuts as well as precise cross and miter cuts, along with the smooth operation of the ­sliding table. These are the qualities that discerning woodworkers like you expect in a ­precision sliding table saw.
Above and beyond that, the K3 winner gives you features that you will not find in similar types of ­machines, e.g. the precision circular saw ­assembly, the cross-cut fence flip stop with the scale set at an angle, ­a hair-line read to assist with making exact adjustments and the rip fence with micro adjustment, guided on large round bar.

The K3 winner is the choice for discerning ­woodworkers.

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Version: English

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