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Glueing press FVP 2401

Glueing press FVP 2401

FELDER® For perfect surface glueing.

Item # 12.1.048

Weight: 532.4 lbs

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FELDER®, Quality and precision from AUSTRIA.
Glueing press FVP 2401
FELDER® For perfect surface glueing.
Base frame consists of thick walled hollow profiles screwed together (no transport or commissioning problems). Powder coated surface, Zinc-plated press arm.
Consisting of:
●  Pressure frames with three vertical beams
3 Gear rack press elements with workpiece support
Workpiece size: 2500 x 1380 mm
Contact pressure (short): 1800 kgs
Permanent pressure: 500 kgs
FELDER® Workshop Accessories no workshop is complete without it!

Additional equipment
Options for the perfect “finish”.

  Horizontal press frame unit with 2 gear rack press elements (Order No. 12.1.046)

Pressure unit: prevents the individual wood pieces tilting over during the surface gluing process (Order No. 12.1.043)

  Vertical press beam with gear rack press element and workpiece support (Order No. 12.1.044)

Korpusauflage: Mit der Korpusauflage rüsten Sie Ihre
Rahmenpresse zu einer Korpus- bzw. Multifunktionspresse auf! (Order No.12.1.047)

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