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Work-piece Holder

Work-piece Holder

The standard unit is a solid, light clamp strip made of aluminium.

Item # 01.0.020

Weight: 10.54 lbs

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Aigner® Maximum operator protection and high quality of finished work!
For the efficient and safe stop milling of short work­ pieces. The clamp strip enables low risk and efficient stop milling of short workpieces. Using the Aigner table extension and cross stop in conjunction with the clamp strip assists in the prevention of “kickback” accidents.
The larger dimensioned handle guarantees an accurate feeding of the work-piece into the spindle moulder tool with small and short work-pieces. The clamping jaw compensates for any minor differences in the workpiece length, giving a wide safety margin.. Infinitely adjustable for positioning the clamping jaw.. The surface of the tool is hardened by anodic treatment. Sturdy, lightweight clamping strip made from anodised aluminium allows you to clamp longer workpieces between 20 and 550 mm in length

Aigner safety technics for professional wood working 

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