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Guide Ring Set (Compact)

Guide Ring Set (Compact)

Silent-POWER® For professional shaping results at an affordable

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FELDER® For professional shaping results at an affordable
Guide Ring Set (Compact)
For curved mouldings. Guide rings made of steel, Bronzed surface.
Curved cutting can produce some of the most beautiful wooden shapes. In this convenient wooden box you have an orderly selection of Guide Rings with the Ball Bearing and the Securing Ring. This selection of Guide Rings offers you a wide range of applications.
Guide Rings
Steel guide rings to push onto the idle ring and to shape using a template Bronzed surface. 
The guide ring diameter to be used depends on the tool diameter and the size of the template. 
Ball Bearings
Fit all 30 and 40 mm (1 ¼”) dia. shaper spindles and Felder Guide Rings.
Securing Rings
Fit Felder ball bearing and guide rings, prevent guide ring from rising.

- Guide ring diameter 85 / 100 / 110 / 125 mm

FELDER® Guide Ring Set (Compact) - Quickly, easily and conveniently!

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