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STUBAI® Clamping attachment

STUBAI® Clamping attachment

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2 piece set

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FELDER®, Quality and precision from AUSTRIA.
Clamping attachment STUBAI

The new clamping attachments from Felder make the glueing together of ­cabinets simple. For each pair of attachments you only need 2 clamps. The presure points that are integrated into the attachments ensure an optimal ­distribution of the pressure across the complete surface. Length of the ­attachment 26 ¾“ (680 mm), with extension 53 ½“ (1360 mm).
Quick, efficient and clean - the new clamping attachments make glueing of cabinets simple. With just 2 clamps with a length of 680 mm, the pressing pressure is optimally distributed across the whole surface. The connection system of the clamping attachments enables clamping of twice the length by simply adding an additional clamp. The holders make it quick and simple to mount in place even when working alone - reduced number of working steps and less clamps saves you time and money.
Included: 2 pcs. (2x 680 mm)

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