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Ryoba Handsaws, foldable

Ryoba Handsaws, foldable

For top quality crosscuts and Longitudinal cut. L = 240 mm

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Ryoba Handsaws, foldable
For top quality crosscuts and Longitudinal cut.
Combination saw with trapezoidal teeth for cross cutting and triangular teeth for rip cutting.
Universal saw for the workshop and on site, also ideal for tongue and grooving.

Japanese Handsaws
That’s how the professionals saw!
These special handsaws allow a particularly thin cut requiring minimal effort with extra stability.

Triangular teeth
For cuts along the grain. The tooth pitch varies over the length in order to facilitate the cut and improves the finish.

Trapezoidal toothing
For cuts across the grain. The teeth alternately angled and 3 cutting edges cut through the grain like a razor and leave a very clean finish.

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