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Adjustable Grooving Cutter, RB-HW

Adjustable Grooving Cutter, RB-HW

Silent-POWER® For professional shaping results at an affordable Industry quality.

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Silent-POWER® For professional shaping results at an affordable
Adjustable Grooving Cutter, RB-HW
For spindle moulding of grooves for third-party springs, rear panels, body corner joints, moulding in fittings, veneer processing, embedding decorative pieces (brass, stones, plastics).
Made of steel, Bronzed surface, Adjustment with shim set.
For manual feeding, thickness limiter, low kick-back.
width of groove 12,5–24,0 mm
Blade quality  
  HW (Tungsten carbide)
Insert carbide knives increase tool life by up to 20X.
Fitted with HW exchangeable main cutters and pre-cutters (RB-HW).

„Silent Power“ for unfaltering precision in the trades and industry.
... Precision tool
  Industrial carbide
... Highest cutting quality
  Exceptional quality
... Extremely long tool life
... Solid and precise
Features Value
Brand Silent-POWER®
Dia. = Tool diameter 160 mm
ø = Bore diameter 30 mm
W = Blade width 12,5–24,0 mm
T = Shaping depth 30 mm
Z = Main cutters, Reversible blade (RB) 4
V = Pre-cutter, Reversible blade (RB) 4
BQ = Blade quality Tungsten carbide (HW)
Replacement Knives: Main Cutters RB-HW, Order No. 04.1.029
Replacement Knives: Pre-cutter RB-HW, Order No. 04.0.003

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