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SET-Offer Universal Safety Cutter Head

SET-Offer Universal Safety Cutter Head

with safety cutterblock and 6 knife + deflector set.

Item # 04.0.070xx

Weight: 0.02 lbs

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Silent-POWER® For professional shaping results at an affordable
Wooden Case Set: Universal safety profile cutter with fold knife, 6 Profile knife
For profile solid wood edges while keeping tool costs to a minimum.
Simple knife change due to the locating bolt in the body of the shaper.
Made of steel, Bronzed surface.
For manual feeding, thickness limiter, low kick-back.
Suitable for all profile knives up to 40 mm in width.
Scope of delivery Wooden Case Set: 
Universal Safety Cutterhead, 2 ­rabbeting knifes and limiters.
6 different profile knives and baffles (04.4.005/04.A.005, 04.4.008/04.A.008, 04.4.009/04.A.009, 
04.4.018/04.A.018, 04.4.028/04.A.028, 04.4.031/04.A.031).
Blade quality  
  SP (Alloy Tool Steel)
Many different possible profiles.

„Silent Power“ for unfaltering precision in the trades and industry.
... Precision tool
  Industrial carbide
... Highest cutting quality
  Exceptional quality
... Extremely long tool life
... Solid and precise 
    Features Value
    Brand Silent-POWER®
    Dia.2 = diameter circle of cut 105 mm
    Dia.1 = Tool diameter 93 mm
    ø = Bore diameter 30 mm
    B/W = Blade width 40 mm
    Z = Number of blades 2
    BQ = Blade quality Alloy Tool Steel (SP)
    P = Profile knife 04.4.005, -008, -009, -018, -028, -031
    A = Limiters to profile knives 04.A.005, -008, -009, -018, -028, -031

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