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Knife Head for Rounding, Grooving and Bevelling, RB-HW

Knife Head for Rounding, Grooving and Bevelling, RB-HW

Hammer® Quality and precision from AUSTRIA.

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Hammer® Quality and precision from AUSTRIA
Knife Head for Rounding, Grooving and Bevelling, RB-HW
For jointing and rounding-off / bevelling of work-piece edges in one single work process.
Two-part spindle moulder tool made from aluminium - Hard-anodized surface.
For manual feeding, thickness limiter, low kick-back.
Blade quality  
  HW (Tungsten carbide)
Fitted with HW exchangeable main cutters, HW radius / beveling knife  (RB-HW) R = 4 mm /a =  45°.
Extended range of applications:
R = 2 mm /a =  45°, (top) (1)
R = 2 mm /a =  45°, downside (2)
R = 3 mm /a =  45°, (top) (1)
R = 3 mm /a =  45°, downside (2)
R = 5 mm /a =  45°, (top) (1)
R = 5 mm /a =  45°, downside (2)
R = 6 mm /a =  45°, (top) (1)
R = 6 mm /a =  45°, downside (2)

Tooling and accessories at fantastic prices.

Quality and precision that will last many, many years
The Felder Group has its headquarters in Hall in Tirol and is one of the world‘s leading suppliers of woodworking machines for hobbyists, business and industry.
Employees in 72 countries and more than 200 sales and service locations passionately promote excellent woodworking machines under the motto, ”Everything from a single source” to customers all over the world. Despite ever increasing global challenges, the Felder Group continues to belive in quality and precision from Austria. Thus, the development and production of the approx. 150 products from the full range of machines and brands Felder, Format-4 and Hammer all takes place at the head office and factory in Hall in Tirol.
Features Value
Brand Hammer®
Dia. = Tool diameter 139 mm
ø = Bore diameter 30 mm
W = Blade width 18–50 mm
R = radius cutter, Radius 2+2 / 4 mm
Z = Main cutters, Reversible blade (RB) 4
BQ = Blade quality Tungsten carbide (HW)
Replacement Knives: Main Cutters RB-HW, Order No. 04.0.119
Replacement Knives: Radius cutter/Beveling knife DB/HW, Order No. (top) 500-04-03931, downside 500-04-03932

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